24 weeks

Jon took these photos of me in our Denver apartment before we left. We have since made our way across the country to Vermont where we are now residing in our new *first* home. It is wonderful here, even better than anticipated, & we are both so so happy. We are still settling in, but I'll try to share some pictures of the home & property this week!



A lot has been happening since my last post...

1 - Jonathan, my boyfriend of almost seven years, & I are engaged.
2 - We closed on our first home & are moving from Colorado to Vermont one week from today.
3 - We are expecting our first child together :) due in late September - in the photos above I am 18 weeks.
4 - The blog has recieved a total re-design by the wonderful Anna over at Designer Blogs - I hope you love it as much as I do!

I know I have taken quite the hiatus from this space, but the dust has finally begun to settle from all the change, so I will be back to posting regularly once again. I look forward to sharing with you as I move forward on this new path in life <3