seven years

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Today we celebrate seven years together. We have grown & learned so much together over this time period & had so many amazing adventures. I feel incredibly grateful to have my best friend by my side through it all as we journey through life & I look forward the future we will continue to shape together. I love you so much Jon.


our new home

Here is a look around our new home. We have about 9 acres which includes a trail down to a beautiful brook complete with swimming holes that we visit often throughout each day, we can also hear the sound of the water from our bedroom window which I'm so in love with. Our furniture has yet to arrive, *moving across country is quite an ordeal* so it currently feels like we are camping in our new home, but I don't even mind & Milo is in heaven! This place is a dream & we are so happy to call it home as we move forward on this journey of life. We feel it will be a particularly wonderful place to raise children. I'll share more as we get more settled & begin home improvement projects. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend <3