travel & adventures - little mountain park & lair o' the bear park, co

Location22600 CO-74, Idledale, CO 80453
Activities - Hiking, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Picnicking, Horseback Riding
Distance from Denver - 30 minutes
Trail Miles - 10.1
Acres - 392

This network of trails is another one of my favorite hiking spots close to Denver. Some reasons why I love this place 1- A beautiful water source that's so peaceful & a fun place for Milo to play. 2- Lots of flat terrain, great for days where I want to get outside, but don't feel like doing a serious workout. However, these parks do get quite busy on the weekend so I would recommend visiting on a weekday. Also, I would park at little mountain park & then make my way into lair o' the bear park - again it is less crowded & you pass a beautiful section of the creek along the way. Once in lair o' the bear park you can decide which trail system you wish to follow. Enjoy!

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