mt ascutney - windsor, vt

On Easter Sunday after having a wonderful brunch at Duo in Brattleboro we headed north to Mt. Ascutney State Park in Windsor VT to go hiking. We had originally planned to drive up towards the top of the park & do a summit loop, but the gates were closed, so instead we did the Windsor Trail. Here is a map of the park & trail systems. The Windsor Trail is no joke, we only made it a little over half way because of icy conditions, but regardless I don't know how much further I could have gone because it was a straight climb in elevation the whole time. It was challenging & definitely the most intense I've worked out since giving birth to Ava, but I look forward to going back when it is warmer & getting all the way to the summit, which I've heard is beautiful. Ava loves being outside & going on hikes & I love watching her take everything in as well as experience things for the first time - like letting her touch trees & run her hands through the stream. She was definitely very stimulated & as a result she was passed out by the end of the hike, it was so cute. We had a wonderful day spending time in nature as a family & with the warmer months approaching I can't wait to spend more time outside adventuring.