Puerto Rico - Mar Chiquita Beach

Mar Chiquita Beach is a natural pool beach, one of many on the island, that is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico, just 45 minutes west from the capital city of San Juan. Along the cliffs, an opening allows the waters of the Atlantic to rush in creating a refreshing natural pool.

It is important to note that the personality of this beach changes. During the summer months waters are calm, the pool is clear and the waves are gentle. During the winter months, which is when we went, storms move across the north creating larger waves, potentially dangerous currents and wind. 

This beach was beautiful and I'm glad we went, but it was definitely the windiest beach we went to on our trip and we did not let the girls swim because of the current and waves, but they still had a blast playing in the sand! We look forward to checking this beach out again if we go back to Puerto Rico during the summer months. 


Puerto Rico - Playita del Condado + Old San Juan

- 1 -
From where we were staying we walked 15 minutes to the closest beach - Playita del Condado. The water was mellow and clear - perfect for the girls, plus people were snorkeling and there were views of a historic fort in the distance. *Autumn is wearing this rash guard - which I cannot say enough good things about. It is UPF 50+ and she wore it the entire trip, she also wore this reusable swim diaper. We use this sunscreen.

- 2 -
After spending time at the beach it started to get cloudy so we walked to an indoor food court close by called El Mercado de Paseo Caribe - seen below. It was a really cool new space filled with wide variety of different food options including local cuisine and fresh fish. Jon and I got veggie lo mein while Ava took a nap in the stroller and Autumn rested in the carrier. We use this carrier and we love it.

- 3 -
After lunch we walked along the water towards Old San Juan. Then the clouds grew increasingly ominous and we ended up getting caught in the rain. We ran for cover, but all got soaking wet - it was quite comical. We sought cover under an awning and once the rain stopped we hopped on a bus that took us the rest of the way to Old San Juan. Luckily the rain didn't last long and the sun came out and we were dry again quickly. 

- 4 -
Old San Juan is amazing, like stepping back in time. We really enjoyed walking through the cobblestone streets and admiring all the beautiful, colorful, old architecture. We took our time wandering around and stopping at shops along the way the interested us. *The sidewalks and streets are narrow and quite uneven, some areas being worse than others - we managed fine with our single stroller, but it is something you may want to take into consideration.

We stopped at La Bombonera a bakery famous for their delicious plump, buttery rolls of mallorca bread, dusted with powdered sugar - they were delicious!

Ava's favorite color is green, she loved this building!

This was Parque de las Palomas. “Palomas” is the Spanish word for pigeons and that is just what you will see here because hundreds of pigeons flock here daily. It is a great stop for children because you can buy bird seed from a vendor at the gate to feed the birds - as you can see Ava had a blast!

Old San Juan has many plazas and parks scattered throughout the city. Each one has a story behind it that offers a chance to learn about the city’s rich history, you can learn more about them here

These popsicles are incredible! We got the ones that are made with fresh fruit and water, but they also have milk varieties. Making them with fresh fruit makes such a difference, the flavors were amazing and fresh. My favorite was the passion fruit, seen above, which we got many times during our stay. Ava's favorite was the strawberry. If you turn right as you leave the shop and head up a bit there is a great place to sit with benches and a view of the water.

- 4 -
After popsicles we made our way back down through the streets to the water. We walked by the cruise ships and then got an Uber back to the condo from there - they all line up around here because of the waves of people getting off the ships. It was a long day with lots of walking and exploring. After showering we walked to a local market - La Hacienda - on our street and picked up some groceries for dinner. We then enjoyed a mellow evening in together.

(Check out the Goggle Map of our walking itinerary for the day here)

*   *   *

What we pack for Adventure Days 

Our Hydro Flasks with water

Fresh fruit - clementines, apples, bananas
Cucumber sticks
Sandwiches - peanut + honey or turkey + cheese + spinach

Change of clothes for both girls
Extra swimsuits 

Phone + charger


Valentines Day Craft



Step 1
Decorate hearts with watercolor paint, let dry.
*Ava & Autumn were both able to do this and had a lot of fun!

Craft 1 - Mobile
With our family Valentines I made a hanging mobile by tying the hearts along twine. It's pretty to see them move and twirl around, I hung it up in the girls nursery.

Craft 2 - Treat Bags
With the Valentines Ava decorated for her classmates we made treat bags. 
On one side of the bags I wrote the children's names and signed Ava's name.
On the other side of the bag Ava glued the hearts, then we let them dry.
Next we filled the bags with popcorn and then I taped them shut.


Happy Valentines Day!