Puerto Rico - Mar Chiquita Beach

Mar Chiquita Beach is a natural pool beach, one of many on the island, that is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico, just 45 minutes west from the capital city of San Juan. Along the cliffs, an opening allows the waters of the Atlantic to rush in creating a refreshing natural pool.

It is important to note that the personality of this beach changes. During the summer months waters are calm, the pool is clear and the waves are gentle. During the winter months, which is when we went, storms move across the north creating larger waves, potentially dangerous currents and wind. 

This beach was beautiful and I'm glad we went, but it was definitely the windiest beach we went to on our trip and we did not let the girls swim because of the current and waves, but they still had a blast playing in the sand! We look forward to checking this beach out again if we go back to Puerto Rico during the summer months. 

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