Puerto Rico - Playa Isla Verde


We loved the Isla Verde beach and ended up going back twice. We went during the week and both times the beach was not crowded which was nice. It was a quick 10 minute drive from where we were staying and it's only 15 minutes from San Juan. We went to the Balneario de Carolina (Public Beach) section of Isla Verde which means it is managed by Compania de Parques Nacionales, and they offer picnic and bathroom facilities, parking, and showers - plus the sand is cleaned and the water quality is monitored. We paid $4 for the day and parked right along the beach, but if you prefer there is also free parking you just have to walk a bit. With children it was nice to park close, not have to walk far with all of our stuff and be able to go back to the car easily. There is a wide sandy area and the water was bright blue with mellow waves which were great for the girls. We packed food and drinks and spent the day swimming, building sand castles, walking along the beach and relaxing.  

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